Do You Have What It Takes?

Ellen Violette
2 min readApr 22, 2021
By: christianchan

A winner is a winner in any endeavor. And as an award-winning book coach and Grammy-nominated songwriter, I pay attention to winners in both the book world and the music world. And I find there are parallels between success on American Idol and success as an author and entrepreneur.

Right now, American Idol is getting close to picking this season’s Idol and the competition is fierce. The quality of contestants is especially high this year and I find the process fascinating watching artists develop before our eyes throughout the season.

I’m always looking to test myself and identify my top picks and see how well I do and what I’ve observed is it’s not just about raw talent, it’s also about who has the grit, the desire, and the courage to keep showing up and going for it. It’s about believing in yourself and believing you deserve to be there. It’s also about your story, likability, and authenticity.

Does that sound familiar? It should because It’s no different than marketing your book or your business.

It’s especially interesting to me to watch the ones who say, they were told they’d never amount to anything. Some buckle under because they buy into what they were told and others succeed because their mindset is one of “I’ll show you.” And they’ll do it despite what they were told.

I can really relate to that because that’s what propelled me to stick with it and ultimately receive my Grammy nomination. I had a songwriting teacher who told me I’d never make it in the music business, which immediately sent me into defiance. I remember at the time thinking, “I’ll show him!”

So, if you were told you can do anything you want in life, congratulations! You’re halfway there. But if you weren’t, you’ve got to dig deep to succeed anyway.

So, the question I want to leave you with is do you have what it takes?

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Ellen Violette

Book coach/strategist, multiple #1 bestselling author, podcaster for inspirational speakers and visionaries. Grammy-nominated.