How to Use LinkedIn to Launch Your Book

Ellen Violette
3 min readJul 13, 2021

This excerpt is from the Books Business Abundance Podcast with Ellen Violette, Episode 93, The Power of Yes with Pam Heath, The Yes Coach.

Pam: So, how I used LinkedIn is interesting because the intention of the book launch and taking it to bestseller was to use it as a funnel for my coaching. I coach entrepreneurs. And LinkedIn, the whole concept of LinkedIn, LinkedIn is the inside the conversation called “six degrees of separation”, so that you are connected to anybody on the planet within six degrees of everybody you know. If you know someone, who knows someone, who knows someone, who knows that person, and that’s how LinkedIn works. So, what I did on LinkedIn is I reached out to all my first circle, and I told them that I’m having this event.

Ellen: And you reached out to them one-on-one or in a post?

Pam: No, you can do group messages on LinkedIn. If you don’t know how, I’m happy to help you do that. You have your first and second circle. That’s where I concentrate on, is my first and second circle. I have 2,500 people on LinkedIn.

Ellen: I was thinking, how would I do that? I have like 9,000.

Pam: That’s perfect. That’s perfect. You can go on LinkedIn, and in your first circle, you can blast a message saying, “I’m having this event and my request is that you contact the people in your inner circle and invite them to my event. And I got reactions from people I haven’t talked to in years, congratulating me, notifying me that they were going to take that on. And they do. Some of them do, some of them don’t. Some of them ignore it, like you do. Some of them are just like whatever, and some people, “Oh, there’s Ellen. Oh my God, what’s she up to?”

Ellen: And then there are people who just wish me a happy birthday once a year. I don’t know that [inaudible].

Pam: Because LinkedIn tells them “It’s Ellen’s birthday.”

Ellen: Yeah, I know.

Pam: As long as you reach out to them and notify them, that’s the point. You can do a blast on LinkedIn to your entire first circle.

Ellen That is so cool. I did not know that.

Pam: Yes. And when you tell them, I did my first and my second circle, I asked them to notify…



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